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In these pages we salute the origins of Rowan Ice Hockey by featuring all of our alumni from the days of Glassboro State College all the way to recent graduates. Faced with the prospect of traveling to University of Delaware (the closest ice at the time) and late night practice sessions and the exhaustive schedule,

the beginning days were forged by these young men. Built from a love and desire to play the greatest game on earth, these men laid the foundation for what today is a prospering program. Their desire to succeed and their 1984 championship campaign keeps those that follow inspired time and time again.

Steeped in tradition that we wish to honor and maintain, we celebrate their spirit with the continuation of a program dedicated to excellence. We are proud to wear the same Brown and Gold colors the founding Prof Icers pulled over their heads. We

recognize those men and those who came after who built what we today call Rowan University Ice Hockey.

     Pride Through Tradition!

latimes.comALUMNI NEWS

5/2012 - Rowan announces 5th annual Alumni Weekend for September 28th through September 29th 2012. More information coming soon.

Rowan Ice Hockey is always looking for ways to keep in contact with its alumni. We have a long-standing tradition that dates back to early Glassboro State days and we are looking to gather and share the memories and experiences that we all had while playing for this organization. We would like to share some of those memories with our alumni and other hockey fans through here as we relive the past and hope for the future.

We are always interested in spreading the word to our alumnus so if you are interested in sharing your memories or joining the alumni network, just let us know by submitting your information above.

The first annual Alumni Weekend was held in October 2008 as it brought long standing players together, some who have not seen each other in over a decade. After a successful gathering, an annual event has been established that includes more players and interaction.

This year, the fifth annual, is scheduled for the weekend of September 28 through September 29. Check the alumni weekend schedule HERE.



6/2011 - Rowan announces 4th annual Alumni Weekend for September 30th through October 1st 2011.

6/2010 - For this years Alumni weekend, Rowan will once again offer alumni the opportunity to join the team for Opening Ceremonies as well as have their own game and festivities follow the next day.