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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What league does the team play in?

Rowan competes at the D-II level of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The ACHA is the governing body for all non-varsity competitive college ice hockey in the United States. We still play under NCAA rules. We are part of the Southeast Region in which the top ten ranked teams compete to go to the national tournament. Rowan has been ranked in top 15 now for three straight years. We play in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Conference which is widely considered as a premier D-II league in the ACHA.

Q: What teams does Rowan play?

Rowan plays against league members such as St. Joseph's University, Temple University, Penn State, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Liberty, Virginia Tech, Rider University, and others as well as non league members that are normally ranked in the regional rankings. The team also participates in a number of tournaments during the year.

Q: When does the season start and end?

The season begins with the team's mini camp that is held starting the first week in September. There are some pre-season exhibition games prior to the season's start which usually begins the last weekend in September or first week in October. The season runs through mid-February with a winter break in between. The Mid-Atlantic playoffs are held in one the last weekends of February usually before the ACHA Regional Tournament. The ACHA National Tournament is held during the second week in March.

Q: How often does the team practice?

The team practices on the ice twice a week in the afternoons at 4:40PM. The team has some off-ice programs as well as a video review sessions. All practices are at Hollydell Ice Arena which is 5 minutes off campus.

Q: How many games does the team play?

A typical season is between 30 and 34 regular season games. About 16 to 18 of those games are Mid-Atlantic league games. Additional games might include the playoffs and the ACHA Regional Tournament. The team also plays in some tournaments over the course of the season.

Q: Does the team recruit?

Yes, the team actively recruits qualified student-athletes throughout the NJ/NY/CT/PA/DE area. We are always participating in different college showcases in the area which gives us an opportunity to meet and see a lot of the area's talents. We are always looking for skilled players who would fit with our program. We encourage players to sign our recruiting form if they are interested playing at Rowan.

Q: Will the coaches come out and see players play?

Yes, our recruiting scouts do go and actively watch different teams and players play. However because there are so many teams, and time is sometimes limited, we cannot make it everywhere. It is also hard to go somewhere when we don't know if the players are interested. Therefore the best way is to contact the team through the recruiting form, that way our scouts can have the opportunity to come see the players play.

Q: What is the recruit process the team takes?

We usually like to make sure the player is interested in Rowan. By completing the recruiting form we know that the player is interested and we can actively start going and watching the player play. Our scouts start going out watching games during the player's junior and senior year. Once the player has applied to the school we like to invite the player to come down and visit the campus and skate with the team. This gives the player an opportunity to see how the practices are managed and to see if he likes the program and the school. We always encourage players to pick schools based on their education preference because one never knows, but having an opportunity for the player to experience the environment, it gives both the player and the coaching staff a way to see how they would do.

Q: Are there scholarships given for ice hockey?

No, but students who qualify based upon financial need or by virtue of academic success may be eligible for financial assistance in the way of loans, grants, or academic scholarships.

Q: What kind of facilities does the team have?

The team plays out of the Hollydell Ice Arena where it has its own locker room facility. Each player has its own space for them and their equipment. The facilities are equipped with showers, equipment machines, video feeds, and other amenities found in any NCAA locker room. The coaching staff has its own offices as well.

Q: How does the team travel to and from games?

The team travels on a Rowan University chartered bus. The team has had its new bus since the 2009-2010 season. Every player must travel with the team.

Q: Where do most of the players come from?

Generally, our players come from New Jersey since Rowan is a New Jersey public school and offers a lot of in-state advantages. Our players come from all over the state but we do have players that come from other states as well especially for our Engineering program which is ranked top five in the nation. Our players have played previously at prep schools, public and parochial high schools, junior and travel programs.

Q: Does it cost money to play?

Yes. There are team dues that average between $1500 and $2000 per player, per season. The college does fund part of the program, but the players must make up the difference through dues. Unfortunately, ice hockey is not a cheap sport and ice time as well as fuel costs play a large roll.

Q: What do the dues fees include?

The fee covers all practice and game ice time and transportation to and from games. It also includes socks and pants (shells) which will be provided by the team and jerseys which the player gets to keep. Players are required to provide their own skates, protective equipment, and sticks. We do provide each player with a helmet, gloves, jacket, and bag. We also provide significant savings on sticks through our distributors.

Q: Do a lot of people or parents come out for the games?

Our home games are very popular among parents and supporters. During certain games we have a sold out house. We do provide the opportunity for everyone that cannot make any of our games including away games to listen to it live through IYM Radio where almost every single game gets broadcasted. The link is available through our media link. .

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